Friday, June 19, 2009

PETA, I promise it's not really fur.

I do like my new 'fur' collar from Retro Metro.

In other news I brought my formal dress today, also from Retro Metro. It's vintage from the 50's, I am not posting a photo as I am waiting until graduation.


Tasha Wood said...

Well arnt you just a cute little bundle of fur! We can walk around Queen Street in our fur jackets and wave to people we pass. We will have our chins up and breasts out. We will be SEXAYYY

Birdzilla said...

PETA are a whole bunch of blabbering idiots in a recent incedent against McDonalds they tried to give out UNHAPPY MEALS to kids but their parents opposed it becuase PETA are all stupid and noticed that the BEATLES were not the same after they got hooked up with those hindu wackos