Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Heart paper lover

Instead of doing my assignments I took pictures in the garden.

I also made these felt badges and attached an old key to some vintage lace so I could wear it as a necklace.

I am really looking forward to this weekend, I am going to a vintage fashion market and to a same sex marriage rights rally with Tash, Jenna and Ryan.

lemonaide cure

Yesterday I spent the whole day in bed drinking lemonaide on account of picking up what I think was food poisoning. It was not very fun at all. I am feeling a bit better now, though I have not been able to sleep since 3am because I slept most of yesterday. I have spent most of this morning browsing Etsy and brought this lovely peter pan collar blouse from Noble Town Vintage

Today I think I will make some felt badges, catch up on some assignments and read a book.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Harry Potter

Yesterday I saw the new Harry Potter movie. It was not too bad, the actors are a lot better actors now then in any of the previous movies. However the story line was rather unclear, most of the film seemed to focus on the now all grown up and hormonal character's love lives. In the cinema there was a man in front of us who would snort or laugh really loudly during the funny parts, that was rather entertaining.

This is what I wore, I think that cardigan is pretty Hogwarts inspired.
dress & bag: valley markets
cardigan: cotton on
shirt & hat: thrifted
shoes: Rubi shoes

Friday, July 24, 2009

A quiet Friday night

Tonight my mother and I baked cupcakes. They turned out really well. Except we had to experiment a bit with the icing, the first batch we made turned out clumpy and strange.

Tomorrow I am going with Tash, Jenna and Callum to see the new Harry Potter movie. We were going to dress up except we were lazy and did not get costumes.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The result of post-school boredom

First day back at school today. It was not as bad as I was expecting, we watched a sci-fi movie in English and an economist came into to talk to us in exit preparation studies.

This afternoon I discovered that I can draw on both my hands with eyeliner, I hope that I am not as scary as the monster from Pan's Labyrinth.
Now I am going to go and read Nick Cave's novel And the ass saw the angel

Monday, July 20, 2009

Modern art, dinosaurs and chocolate cake

Today I went with Emily to Brisbane to go to the Gallery of Modern Art. We went into lots of book stores and saw an amazingly life like statue of a woman in a bed.

Skirt, belt, cardigan and hat: thrifted
Interpol shirt: Belonged to a friend
Scarf: Target!
Bag: army disposals (I sewed cute vintage buttons onto it)

Giant sculpture by Ron Mueck called in bed.

Yesterday we were nannas and sewed and made chocolate cake, in the background is the wonderful environment-loving fashion magazine Peppermint

Sunday, July 19, 2009

The final week of freedom

Last week of holidays, trying to ignore the fact that I have a essay due Monday that I have barely started. I am not sure what I did with the last week of holidays. I have a habit of waking up around midday, which is going to be a problem as I have to start waking up again at 6am.

This is an outfit I wore last week at Jenna's birthday celebrations.

Dress and jacket: Valley Markets
Boater hat: Thrifted

Tonight I have spent my time procrastinating that essay by sewing and watching old movies with Emily. Last night I went to Kate's 19th birthday get together. It was a lot of fun, I lost at drinking games and scared a guy with an afro.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Jen Jens

Jenna is 17 today, horay!

These are my top 5 reasons that I love Jenna
1. She cooks me special vego spaghetti.
2. She looks adorable in her ever expanding collection of 1960's mod dresses.
3. She has the cutest laugh in the whole world.
4. She is a expert on 1960's-70's music and lets me borrow her records.
5. She cheers me up because she is like sunshine, rainbows and kittens personified.

Happy birthday Jenna!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Etsy find

Instead of working on that essay I have been trawling etsy and just brought this adorable 1950's salt and pepper shaker set from Hellcat Vintage

Right now I am listening to Blood Red Shoes' album Box of secrets and am about to go finish reading The Essence of Humanism in the vain hope that it will give me something to write about in the essay that I still have not started but have spent the past two days worrying about.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Abstract mind

In the past 24 hours I think I have listened to Sonic Youth's new album around 20 times. It's such a great album, nearly as good as 'Goo' which would have to be one of my favorite albums of all time. While I have been subconsciously memorizing every lyric from 'The Eternal' I have been also internally debating the best way to approach an essay I have to write.
I have to analyze the impact of humanism on society, based around a contemporary issue. The issue I chose to look at was woman's rights. This would generally be a really easy essay to write, I could easily go on a hobby horse and write a couple thousand words on the way that humanism and the gradual break away from the church has lead to women being given a more equal role in society. The problem is that I go to a christian school, and therefore cannot write an essay that focuses on the misogyny of Christianity. So I am going to have to try and express my views in the most diplomatic way possible. I think that if I had spent the time writing this essay that I have thinking about the compromising nature of it (good marks vs. expressing my opinion) I would have it finished by now.
Today I have to go to the university library to borrow some books for the essay because my local library has a plethora of books on gardening and self help and a drought on anything slightly useful for academic purposes. Speaking of gardening this is a photo of an outfit I was wearing a couple days ago. I really want to turn one of the old tyres into a tyre swing.

Tee from the valley markets, thrifted skirt, gloves and boots, vintage necklace from my nannas house.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Transformation story

This is a bit of a personal post inspired by this competition held by one of my favorite online stores, Modcloth . The competition was to share something in my life that has transformed me.
I believe the greatest change in my life was the move from country New South Wales to Queensland when I was 14. I grew up in a small town, about 6 hours away from the nearest city. As a child I was rather shy and slightly nerdy, so I did not fit in too well with the other kids. I preferred to read books and daydream.
One week after I moved to Queensland I met a girl who is still one of my closest friends, Tasha. Soon after we met I went with her and her family to this beautiful coastal town called Tinnanbar, we sat on the beach and rode an electic scooter around the town (well Tash did, I tried to but fell off it and ran into a bush.)
Now Tasha and I wear each others clothes, finish each others sentences and cheer each other up when we feel 'fat' or break up with a boyfriend. Because of Tasha I have now managed to break out of my shell (though I still have nerd pride) and make some super amazing friends.

Fake aliens with spaghetti for intestines

Thursday night I had a late house warming party. We ate junk food, watched a very b-grade alien documentary and there was a lack of chairs.

I should be writing an essay on the influence of humanism on society.

The last few days have been really exciting, Thursday night I had a belated house warming party and Friday night Jenna had a get together for her birthday at the Royal Albert Hotel. I will post some photos of these two nights when Tasha gives me the photos she took (yes, that was a hint Tasha!)

Yesterday I went with Dylan to his uni to see some of his art work, then we got iced coffee and Japanese food at South Bank. For some reason his artwork above reminds me of Hamlet.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Dirty Boots

Well the boots are not really dirty, I just like the song.

Docs: I brought them at a op shop for $15, I like to imagine that they belonged to a 90's kid who wore them to grunge concerts. But considering the suburb I got them from it is more likely that they belonged to a female construction worker.
Velvet Underground Shirt: Record store in the Gold Coast.
Skirt: Made by my Nanna out of an old dress.
Coat: Originally chain store but I changed the buttons.
Beret: Chain store
Necklace: Etsy. Arrived in the mail yesterday.

Now I am off to go shopping with my nanna, mother and little cousin.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Postcard from the country: the past two weeks

The super delayed post is because I have spent the past week in Northern New South Wales. Despite my initial angst about the situation I was able to relax and spent a lot of time reading and sewing with my nanna. But by Sunday I was getting really homesick, so I was glad to get back.
Before going off to the country I was in Toowoomba for two days for a surprise party held for my friend Callum. Saturday night he thought he was having dinner with just Jenna, but arrived at the Mexican restaurant to find us all there.

The next night we covered Callum's living room in blankets and ate junk food and pasta (lovingly cooked for us by Jenna) and watched Moral Orel. It was like the sleepover club but with more alcohol.