Thursday, June 18, 2009

Hot chocolate and poetry

This afternoon I finished writing the dreaded essay on post-war immigration policy. I am really relieved, I do not have to hand in any more assignments until next term.
Now I am relaxing with my favorite book on English poetry and a cup of hot chocolate.

Tomorrow I am going to Paddington with mum to look for formal dresses. I am still thinking a 1950's style prom dress, but they are hard to find and seldom in my size. So I might have a look at a classic black dress and black gloves. Any other suggestions?

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lauren winter said...

I love your blog! I just added it to my blog inspiration list. you've got awesome style, and your hair is adorable.

I like the classic black dress approach, and if I were going to a formal, I'd definitely pursue the 1950s.

This 80s one is cool, not so formal though -

And this is definitely 1950s.[]=tags&includes[]=title

good luck!