Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Bang Doll

This is a lovely vintage store called Bang Doll Vintage that was down the road from where I was staying in Tugon. I brought two 1950's hats, a button up patterned 80's shirt and a brown bow tie (to go with the shirt) from there.

The best part is they are also opening a store closer to where I live in West End. Horay!


Diane said...

I love discovering vintage shops. Yay for them opening up a store near you!

There's a few vintage shops where I live and I've been to all of them so many times that I seem to have picked them through! Maybe I should go less often.

Btw, I love the name of your blog. Where'd you come up with it? It reminds me of a line in a Pavement song: "Pigs, they tend to wiggle when they walk."

It's similar, but not really, haha.

In Bug's Drawers said...

It is so much fun to find new vintage stores - this store looks like it will provide you with great finds.

Mars said...

wow, there's somewhere i'd love to be right now :P!

i just stumbled across your blog i have to say - you have such great style!

i'll definitely be back :D

Marie Lemondrop said...

That looks like a fabulous place to find vintage- I wish I had something that inspiring nearby!