Thursday, June 25, 2009

The angst of preparing to visit the town I grew up in.

Right now on my living room floor there is a pile of clothes that should by now be in a suitcase ready to go to New South Wales to visit my family in Inverell. Except right now I do not feel like packing, but chucking a toddler-esque "I don't wanna go!!!" tantrum and then sitting on my sofa eating chocolate and watching cartoons all day.
I always get really anxious right before visiting Inverell. I was sort of a shy child and did not fit in very well when I was living there, so I always feel slightly uneasy when returning. I also never know what to wear when down there, I always feel like I am going to get stared at (most likely by the kids that used to tease me in primary school) if I wear the sort of things I usually wear. So I am packing my suitcase full of simple but pretty 90's floral dresses and my acid wash jeans. Though another part of me wants to find the craziest thing in my wardrobe (probably my shiny black 1970's full length jumpsuit that makes me look like a disco Catwoman) and wear it down the main street just for amusement.
The good part about this whole situation is the fact that I get to visit my Nanna. Nanna is great, she makes me cakes and takes me op shopping. The op shops in Inverell are really great too, everything is around 50c. Last time I came back with literally a whole suitcase full of clothes that I paid in total about $8 for. So as much as I am anxious about going there, there are some positive aspects, and besides that I have already bought my bus ticket.
I am also feeling a lot more chipper because on Saturday I am going to the Brisbane Vintage Fashion Fair. I am really looking forward to it, I think I am going to wear my vintage late 60's psychedelic looking mini dress.
Now I am off to go and try to finish packing!


Tasha Wood said...

I am not looking forward to going away either. Visiting old towns sucks. Imagine if we didn't like opshops? Fuck that would suck. At least your nanna is nice. Mine looks like a vampire and groans when you mention anything she doesn't like. She even complains when buying me an $6 dress.

Jessicaisgoo said...

Vampires are cool looking though. Not the lame ones in teenage movies that 'sparkle' I mean like Nosferatu style blood sucking vampires that are afraid of garlic. There effing great. Besides, your other Nanna is really lovely isn't she?
One day I think you should come to Inverell with me, we can wear fur and gloves and scare the village people.

lauren winter said...

I wanted to let you know that I gave you a blogging award! Check out my new post, it's there :)

a cat of impossible colour said...

I travelled to your blog from the lovely Blooming Leopold, and I'm so glad I did! Nice to (virtually) meet you.

Andrea xx

Lara said...

I feel you on this post. I felt similar everytime I would return home from the big city when I was in college. I felt like people just starred at me and thought I was so 'different' (of course I am, I am older). I grew up sort of a punk and somewhere got into vintage clothes so I would always get the "you look so girly now!" which just made me mad. But, in the end, I got engaged to someone from my hometown and now we have a house there.

Ashley B ;-) said...

It always amuses me that we move away from the place we hate, then change and become people that we like once we no longer feel the need to live up to some one elses cock and bull idea of life, then when we go back we think we need to slip back into that mould. I totally understand! be you screw the rest.