Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Chivalry... not dead?

As completely un-feminist as this sounds, I miss chivalry. I do not mean to say that I would like to become a housewife, and that my greatest desire is to spend my days cooking and cleaning while my husband goes out and makes money. I am as feminist as the next girl (unless that next girl in question is a radical separatist) but I think it would be nice for a man to pull my chair out for me at a restaurant.

Clearly listening to too much Billie Holiday makes me nostalgic for a time I have never known.
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Michael said...

I'm a hopeless romantic. There I admit it.

AmberTara said...

I i have to agree with you on this one my dear.
Being a feminist does not mean chivalry goes down the drain, you can still be a feminist and have a guy hold a door for you or pull the chair out for you.. as simple as those acts are they do not take away from being a strong woman.
there's no problem with showing a bit of chivalry.... unless you're really butch...

first blog comment ever >.< fuck yeah. hahahaha,

Anonymous said...

get back in the kitchen

Jessicaisgoo said...

Thanks Michael and Amber for the positive comments. This is really the first blog post I have written not about fashion or my everyday life. I think I will write more similar.
Oh and Tom, I know that the anonymous comment was you :P

Anonymous said...

dangerous territory.
there is always rubber banding between feminism and chauvanism.
I've noticed on many occasions that poeple pick and choose the one that suits them more on the occasion.

there are few things that i think raelly help create a world that makes sense in a (supposedly, becuase there is a big contemporary disscusion on the state of feminism) pro feminism world.

one: do somthing because it's polite, or kind, not because somone is a man, or a woman.
two: so what feels right, disreguarding what you think is politically correct.
three: we are the masters of own own world. IT'S OUR, it is our job to decide what is cheuvanistic, and what is feministic, and to do so in responsible and nonselfish manner.

Jessicaisgoo said...

You make a good point Anonymous. I think that currently women do not have a equal role in society yet, just look at the way we are portrayed in the mainstream media, how often do you see a man on an advertisement for a house cleaning product?
So the fact that chivalry has been gotten rid of is nothing more than a mask for what is still an unequal society. Hopefully one day we will be able to express ourselves freely.

Anonymous said...

I find that chivalry is simply common courtesy. I hold the door for my husband, he holds the door for me. Chivalry, these days, is doing things for others, not out of thinking they are weak, but out of wanting to do things for them.

Chivalry, even in Medieval times, was never intended to insult. In fact, insults were the opposite of the intention of Chivalry.

*cough* Sorry to butt in, I was just wandering by.