Sunday, July 12, 2009

Transformation story

This is a bit of a personal post inspired by this competition held by one of my favorite online stores, Modcloth . The competition was to share something in my life that has transformed me.
I believe the greatest change in my life was the move from country New South Wales to Queensland when I was 14. I grew up in a small town, about 6 hours away from the nearest city. As a child I was rather shy and slightly nerdy, so I did not fit in too well with the other kids. I preferred to read books and daydream.
One week after I moved to Queensland I met a girl who is still one of my closest friends, Tasha. Soon after we met I went with her and her family to this beautiful coastal town called Tinnanbar, we sat on the beach and rode an electic scooter around the town (well Tash did, I tried to but fell off it and ran into a bush.)
Now Tasha and I wear each others clothes, finish each others sentences and cheer each other up when we feel 'fat' or break up with a boyfriend. Because of Tasha I have now managed to break out of my shell (though I still have nerd pride) and make some super amazing friends.

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Tasha Wood said...

It is pretty uncanny that we are so much alike...after meeting on myspace. Fuck, did I just say that outloud?