Monday, July 20, 2009

Modern art, dinosaurs and chocolate cake

Today I went with Emily to Brisbane to go to the Gallery of Modern Art. We went into lots of book stores and saw an amazingly life like statue of a woman in a bed.

Skirt, belt, cardigan and hat: thrifted
Interpol shirt: Belonged to a friend
Scarf: Target!
Bag: army disposals (I sewed cute vintage buttons onto it)

Giant sculpture by Ron Mueck called in bed.

Yesterday we were nannas and sewed and made chocolate cake, in the background is the wonderful environment-loving fashion magazine Peppermint


Tasha Jade said...

OMG ME AND JENNA LOVE RON MUECK! That is the sculpture callum reached out and touched. Resulting in the security guards going ape shit at him. haha

nicola ticola said...

Love the outfit at the top - and pigeons DO look silly when they walk!!

nicola xx

Meaghan Kelly said...

mmm that looks delicious. i'm so jealous of where you are!
you look adorable!

jenna maree said...

I can't believe that Callum actually put his hands on THAT EXACT Ron Mueck artwork. He reached out and hit the pillow and said how it felt real, the security guards didn't approve and were like "NOOOOOOOOO...", and i was like "Callum, please tell me you didn't just touch the artwork...."

lauren winter said...

great magazine! I'm so glad they put my sister on the cover!! and what a day.. it looks fantastic.

little peach vintage said...

Love your blog! I saw a Ron Mueck exhibit in Brooklyn and it was awesome! I couldn't believe how much life the sculptures have. The scale of his work is brilliant!