Thursday, July 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Jen Jens

Jenna is 17 today, horay!

These are my top 5 reasons that I love Jenna
1. She cooks me special vego spaghetti.
2. She looks adorable in her ever expanding collection of 1960's mod dresses.
3. She has the cutest laugh in the whole world.
4. She is a expert on 1960's-70's music and lets me borrow her records.
5. She cheers me up because she is like sunshine, rainbows and kittens personified.

Happy birthday Jenna!!


lauren winter said...

you really do have a million cool friends! :) that picture is adorable.

Tasha Jade said...

*screams* JENNA!!!!

You forgot a reason.
She has a special ginger surprise ;)

Bug said...

What a sweet post! I'm sure you are a great friend.

jenna maree said...

thank you!!

jenna maree said...

thank you jessica!