Friday, July 24, 2009

A quiet Friday night

Tonight my mother and I baked cupcakes. They turned out really well. Except we had to experiment a bit with the icing, the first batch we made turned out clumpy and strange.

Tomorrow I am going with Tash, Jenna and Callum to see the new Harry Potter movie. We were going to dress up except we were lazy and did not get costumes.


Lemondrop Marie said...

I could have let you borrow any number of HP items, because I was too lazy to dress up myself. Loved the movie- and I had just reread the book and prepared to be difficult and picky.
Cute cupcakes.

Tasha Jade said...

I want a cupcake! *throws tantrum*


lauren winter said...

I swear the sixth movie is my favorite. let us know what you think of it :)

calivintage said...

oh those cupcakes are so sweet! and i've been craving cupcakes lately... hm, maybe i'll need to copy you and do a little baking on sunday! :)

h said...

cute cupcake =)