Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Postcard from the country: the past two weeks

The super delayed post is because I have spent the past week in Northern New South Wales. Despite my initial angst about the situation I was able to relax and spent a lot of time reading and sewing with my nanna. But by Sunday I was getting really homesick, so I was glad to get back.
Before going off to the country I was in Toowoomba for two days for a surprise party held for my friend Callum. Saturday night he thought he was having dinner with just Jenna, but arrived at the Mexican restaurant to find us all there.

The next night we covered Callum's living room in blankets and ate junk food and pasta (lovingly cooked for us by Jenna) and watched Moral Orel. It was like the sleepover club but with more alcohol.


Marmelindela said...

It looks like fun. I really love the hats in the pictures.

Ashley B ;-) said...

Love these outfits! So cute!

lauren winter said...

cute! you have stylish friends, too.